Have you ever wondered how shoes end up in Landa Bazar, where you can find preloved and imported footwear? Here's the simple version of their journey:

1. Shoes' Owners:

Shoes start as someone's personal footwear. These preloved shoes are usually still in good shape.

2. Collecting and Cleaning:

Some folks collect preloved shoes. They clean and fix them up to make sure they look great.

3. Bringing in from Other countries:

Imported shoes come from countries known for making good shoes. People who import them pick styles that people here like.

4. Checking for Quality:

Imported shoes are checked carefully and washed to make sure they're good enough for you before they come to Landa Bazar.

5. Landa Bazar Stall:

Finally, these shoes are put on display at Landa Bazar. You can find lots of different shoes there, all good quality and not too expensive.

In a nutshell, shoes go from their first owners to collectors, get cleaned and fixed up if needed, and sometimes come from other countries. This is how you get such a big selection of shoes to choose from at Landa Bazar, where you can find great preloved and imported footwear.