Love stories and relationships have always touched the hearts of people in Pakistan. Despite being part of the world of human emotions, there is no dearth of love in this era that Pre-Loved Lovers presents in Pakistan. They have taken a new approach to love.

Pre-Lovers: What Are They:

Pre-loved lovers are people who prefer to buy each other's used items rather than reuse them. These people look for love antiques, books, clothes, or other things that are precious to them.

Advertisement for Pre-Loved Lovers:

Advertising of pre-loved lovers in Pakistan was first mentioned about two decades ago. Over time, their number has increased and today they have become an important collection. They are advertised through online marketplaces, social media platforms, and websites.

The New Definition of Love:

Pre-loved lovers have different definitions of love. In their view, love is not just the possibility of buying new things, but appreciation